In your life you have restrictions but your thoughts have no limitations they are larger than your life.

  • Hills I Could Reach
    Those aesthetic mountains  hidden behind the trees standing still, destination unknown  all while climbing the mountains.  Set foot on the top, put a glance and  unfailingly you’ll find an  exquisite…More
  • Another Day In Paradise
    To say that we are one but how far are we apart,How is this impotentness? Humans say eyes speak,look at the twain,glowing and flickeringyells one.Swollen and red whose condition is…More
  • A Letter To Mr. Bean
    It’s a joy writing you this letter. I have grown up watching you. I have been watching you since decades. I’ll always admire you for mustering the courage to smile…More
  • Mother : Your Forever Friend
    I must be just a sentence in everyone’s life. but a beautiful phase in my mother’s story, genuinely this gives me a touching glory. Some 17 years back for the…More
  • Society is fostering Inhumanity
    Silence!Silence!Silence, key for another violence. Unlettered were the bygone ages, Inhumanity had many faces.  Things happened brazenly, as humans were judged racially. Now, Jurisdiction originated. Humans are educated. Time elapsed,…More
  • Unleash The Chain
    She was a lioness in the birdcage, a bird in the depths of the sea.              She was powerful and free but she was not…More
  • Turning point is always welcomed
    A breech baby girl who just loved playing since childhood and was allergic towards reading books. At the age of 14 for the first time she held a bat in…More

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